Tuesday, 20 March 2012


20 March is the equinox, meaning that there'll be equal amounts of daylight and darkness, as we're midway between the winter and summer solstices. Here in the Northern Hemisphere it's the vernal - or spring - equinox. (Southerners, this autumn equinox post is more relevant for you, I'm afraid!) Today in London is, like yesterday, very spring-like indeed - sunny and warm enough to be out without a coat. The day before yesterday might have been sufficiently chilly for me to regret leaving home without my long-johns, but winter's now at least officially over. I've just heard the local ice-cream van playing its tune for the first time this year. Here's to the lightest six months of the year, beginning today - happy equinox!


  1. We are having amazing -and a bit scary weather in Oslo swell. 21,5 degrees celcius today. That 3 degrees warmer than ever measured. Though the last record is no more than 3 years old...

    1. Hi Krisha! Yes, I wore summer clothing yesterday - very weird. Looks like the temperatures are going to come down a bit at the weekend, though.